The Russian Way

The other day I was hanging out with some of my friends who are from post Soviet states.  I love hanging out with these gals because not only are they fun, but they always offer a different perspective on life for me.

Russia is a very interesting place…

But seriously, I value their input on life, love, and all things in between.  This week, we were hanging out and they taught me a phrase that I and the other American with us had never heard before:

Sometimes it’s easier to just say yes than to explain why no.

But really they’re all the same?

I don’t actually know if this is a Russian thing or not.  I just know that both of them were familiar with this idea, which is completely foreign to me.  And they meant it in every single situation:

  • Making plans with your friends.
  • Sex with a man.
  • Having a second serving.
  • Helping someone.
  • Do you like chicken?

If you think that explaining why your answer is “no” is too difficult, too painful, or not understandable, then just say yes. “No, I don’t like chicken because when I was younger I had a pet chick and I called him Peep.  I trained him to follow me around, perch on my finger and jump through a hula hoop.  We were the best of friends.  Ever since then I just can’t eat chicken.”  Seriously, no one wants to hear that.

It’s an interesting concept.  I think it definitely stems from different cultural norms.  I’ve always been taught to say what I think and how I feel (granted, I also might take that too far sometimes).  Saying yes because it’s easier than saying no just seems as if I’d be untrue to myself, however, it does give me something interesting to think about.

The next time The Beau asks if I want to watch wrestling, should I just say yes because it’s easier than explaining why I don’t want to?



3 thoughts on “The Russian Way

  1. acquiescent72

    Or make a counter offer…
    Sometimes you can avoid the lie with something else someone wants to hear “yes” to so that it’s more bearable by you, huh? 😉


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