I don’t know what it is lately, but I seem to be inundated with society telling me to buy a house.  It’s on TV.  It’s on social media.  It’s in the yards of the houses I drive by on my way to work.  EVERYWHERE.

I mean, it might be because we just got a bajillion new TV channels, so I can watch all sorts of home improvement/sell my house shows.  Or maybe it’s because all my Facebook friends have already gotten married and are now on to the buying houses phase.  Or maybe it’s because when The Beau and I just moved, I tripled my work commute.

Whatever the reason, buying a house is all up in my grill.

tumblr_n89r5qc0Xv1tapxyxo4_500I was doing a great job of completely ignoring it.  Thinking to myself, “Oh, yeah, there’s another house for sale…”  Until this morning, that is.  I got a text message from my father (who was hesitant about The Beau and I moving in together in the first place).

Did you know that a 300,000 mortgage 3 percent is only $1525 per month?

Not amused.
Not amused.

Way to be subtle, Dad.  Too bad houses in Big City, USA generally go for at least twice that much.  That monthly mortgage rate is just about what The Beau and I are paying per month to rent our one bedroom apartment in the suburbs of the suburbs.  But hey, at least I know that I don’t have enough money to have to realistically worry about buying a house any time soon.


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