Too Much Stuff

So, as I previously announced, The Beau and I have recently moved in together.  In fact, the process is on-going.  I’ve gotten all of my stuff from my old apartment into the new apartment already.  Now we’re slowly moving all of his stuff from various locations.  It’s taking forever.  I just want it to all be nicely organized and put together.  But every time I get some semblance of organization and things where they belong, he brings in more stuff.

YES! … nooooooooo……..

This weekend, on Saturday morning, I was trying to get some unpacking done, when The Beau told me that he thinks I have too much stuff.  Me.  I have too much stuff.

Okay… he’s probably right…

Later that day we went to his old place to get some more of his belongings and bring them over to our new place.  While he was packing stuff up, I watched him pack an entire suitcase full of video games and only video games.  And we’re talking a suitcase that’s too large to be a carry-on.  Just video games.

Books would be much more acceptable.

And yet, I’m the one with too much stuff.  Can someone please explain to me how this can be???


5 thoughts on “Too Much Stuff

  1. datingflops

    Men don’t see video games as “stuff”. For them it is essential. Things like furniture, crockery, ornaments etc are stuff.


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