Happy Anniversary!

Today I got a notification that it’s my one year anniversary of my blog.  Hard to imagine that it was both that long ago and yet that recent. To celebrate the anniversary of my online dating adventure, I’m highlighting my own personal Top Ten Favorite Posts that detail my favorite learning experiences, opportunities for growth, and success stories:

10.  The Worst!

The other day, I went on the WORST date I’ve had yet (and I’ve had some fairly awkward ones). This was a second date, so I thought… Read more about what made this date so terrible!

9.  50 Shades of Freak

Today’s post is in ode to Fifty Shades of Grey, which comes out this week. I’m probably not going to go see it, even though I’ll admit to having read all the books… Read more about my own experience with some kinky stuff! (NSFW)

8.  Fishing for Compliments with an Inadequate Rod

Yesterday I received my first “dick pic” as pop culture terms them.  I find this term kind of icky (but that’s probably because I’m an uptight prude and the word dick is not attractive to me).  I wasn’t entirely sure how I was supposed to respond… Read more about my first encounter with dick pics!

7.  Up high!  Down low!  Too slow….

Yes, the high five.  It is the epitome of the “bro” celebratory moment.  Win at pool?  High five!  Shotgun a beer? High five!  Get a girl’s number?  High five!… Read more about when to high five!

6.  Operation Match

My parents gave me a daily Dilbert calendar as a Christmas present.  I keep it on my desk and really enjoy it.  Plus, it gives my coworkers an excuse to come over and chat because they want to know what today’s comic is.  This week, I had one that hit kind of close to home as it was about online dating… Read more about the surprising history of online dating!

5.  D’awww Round 3

Back before The Beau and I started dating, I was seeing this guy who I thought was super sweet (D’awww).  Then he turned out to be kind of a Punk (D’awww shit).  If you recall, I never heard from him again, and still haven’t up to this point… Read more about how karma is a bitch and I love it!

4.  Foot Poppin’ Good

What better way to kill those Monday blues than with a cutesy beginning of a love story? I’ve been promising writing up the beginning of our relationship, and now I’m going to finally get around to it… Read more about the best date I’ve been on!

3.  If my life were a rom com…

If my life were a romantic comedy, I think I would want Rebel Wilson to play me. There would be random musical numbers and John Hughes would come back from the grave to write and direct it… Read more about how it would go!

2.  The Sex Store Story

The other day The Beau and I were hanging out with some of my friends, Mr. and Mrs. Lovebird… Read more about what we did with The Lovebirds!

1.  The First Time (not THAT “First Time”)

I talked a bit before about how Adult Sleep Overs are highly stressful for me for many reasons.  Generally speaking, I’m a high stress person (just ask The Beau), but these situations tend to amplify the stress.  The first time The Beau spent the night was no different… Read more about the first time The Beau spent the night!


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