Where else to find your next match!

If you didn’t find any of the sites I wrote about earlier appealing, you might want to check out the less “basic” sites.  Sites that are geared toward specific genres of people, specific interests, and sometimes people who don’t think they’re people.

Farmers Only

You may have seen some of these commercials.  Farmers Only caters to people who (obviously) like the farming lifestyle.  It also tends to be more geared toward people with conservative morals and moderate lifestyles.  The profiles tend to be more relaxed, less focused on sex, and more focused on an emotional connection.  So if you think his tractor is sexy and turns you on, maybe Farmers Only is for you.  (Or if you like talking animals telling people you’re lonely…)

Darwin Dating


Darwin Dating serves only “attractive people.”  In fact, their website opens with “Sick of dating websites filled with ugly, unattractive, desperate fatsos? We are.”  And goes on to list things that would make you ineligible for a profile (from saggy boobs to mullets).  In case you’re wondering, yes everything needs to be approved just to be sure you meet the requirements.  NOTE: Since beginning the blog post, I think the site has been shut down.

Geek 2 Geek

tumblr_maeo7b6r271rolf4zAs I’m sure you’ve guessed, this site caters to, well, geeks.  A lot of the areas of interests cater to people labeled as “geeks” or “nerds” (Star Trek, comics, gaming), but the site isn’t just limited to those types of people.  The site allows members to choose their top three priorities in a partner, which may include things like gaming abilities, love of anime, or wearing glasses.  There are different levels of membership, from free to paid, and your level determines how you can interact with people.  (Don’t forget that I highly promote Dating Nerdy!)

Vampire Rave

tumblr_inline_mtzvrfUZiI1rpl29cThe world of online dating would not be complete without a site geared toward vampires.  And I’m not talking about the sparkly glittery ones.  I mean “vampire rave is for vampires.”  No, really.  That’s their opening line.  They go on to say they’re one of the top social media network for vampires and goths.  It’s not just a dating site, but certainly helps connect people with the unique tendency to believe they are “real vampires.”  (Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.)

Passions Network

Passions_Network_LogoTrek Passions, Green Passions, Vegan Passions, Overweight Passions, Stach Passions, Pirate Passions, Cycling Passions.  You name it; there’s a 100% free site in the Passions Network for it.  So if you find you don’t meet the criteria at Darwin Dating because you’ve got saggy moobs and a mullet, why don’t you check out the Passions Network and see if you can’t find the right site for you.  Maybe there’s a Saggy Moob Passions.


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