How Online Dating Changed My Life Part Four: Summing it Up

Next month marks my 1 year anniversary of starting the online dating process.  I can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since I went through the turmoil and trauma of creating a profile that makes me come across as appealing.

Yesterday marked my 8 month anniversary with The Beau (I guess all that turmoil and trauma worked).  Saying I got lucky was definitely an understatement.  It only took me four months to find him.  It took him four years to find me.

I’ve told you all about how online dating changed my life in individual aspects, but I realized I didn’t put it together as a whole.  In short, online dating showed me that I needed to start taking risks with relationships, convinced me to be more open to the men I meet, and restored my self confidence.

Now I’m dating a man who sees me for what I am: a complete package of brains and beauty.  A man who, when he tells me I’m beautiful, I look into his eyes and I know it’s true.  Who secretly laughs at all my jokes because he thinks I’m hysterical (even though he doesn’t always want to admit it).  Who respects me for my personal decisions and constantly challenges me to better myself.  Who thinks I’m smart and ridiculous at the same time.

Before I started online dating, I probably would never have gone out with The Beau.  And I would have missed out on something beautiful.  I love him for what he represents.  I love him for what he could be.  I love him for what he was.  I love him for what he gives me.  I love him for the things that he does.

But most of all, I love him for who he is, and he loves me for who I am.  And even though we will change as we grow, it’s that changing and growing together that is the most beautiful of all.

Cheers to us!
Cheers to us!

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