The First Time (not THAT “First Time”)

I talked a bit before about how Adult Sleep Overs are highly stressful for me for many reasons.  Generally speaking, I’m a high stress person (just ask The Beau), but these situations tend to amplify the stress.  The first time The Beau spent the night was no different.  We talked about it and planned it, so that meant my stress had the opportunity to build up, which was even worse. giphyI had just gotten back into town from a week of visiting my parents and had the day off, which ended up being a double-edged sword.  It meant that I could spend the whole day preparing for his arrival, but also spend the whole day freaking out about it. I deep cleaned everything.  Not just your average “sweep it under the bed” style cleaning.  I vacuumed, I scrubbed the bathroom, I changed the sheets, I even cleaned the oven.  You know, just in case he decided to use the oven for some reason he would notice how nice and clean it was. tumblr_lmp1olf8Du1qafrh6And then I had to get myself ready.  And trust me, that was no easy feat.  I shaved my legs, paying more attention to detail than I had in months.  I painted my toe nails, moisturized, and perfumed.  I dried my hair, straightened it, and then curled it.  I tweezed, plucked, and primped some more.  And after all of, that, I still wasn’t sure if I looked pretty. H8HApQ8Then I had to figure out what to wear.  And I don’t mean my outfit.  I meant my underoutfit and my nightie.  I wanted something cute, but not provocative (that whole no sex thing), but that didn’t make me look like a child (probably shouldn’t wear my penguin onesie).

But they’re so comfy!

Next, I made sure I had snacks and beverages and I went and got a parking permit to ensure that he would be able to stay the night.  And then I waited.  And waited.  And stressed.  And waited. Finally The Beau got off work and arrived.  On Thursdays he works later than usual, so he immediately picked me up and we went out to dinner.  I was so nervous!  We went for Korean BBQ, and despite having lived in Asia for 3 years, I made a huge fool of myself with my chopsticks. spencer-reid-chopstick-oFinally we retired back to my place and then it was time for bed.  OMG.  TIME FOR BED.  With The Beau. FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!  Luckily, we were both pretty flexible about which side of the bed we sleep on, blanket hogging (which he does), and snoring (which I do).  And then there was the cuddling (which I’ll get to in another blog post).

Everything went off without a hitch, including him having to wake up at 4:30 the next morning to get to work by 6 am.  After he left (and by “left” I mean “walked out the door”), I sent him a cutesy text message saying “I miss you already!”

tumblr_mfsxsf7IH31ry58yho1_250Before he even had a change to read the text he was back!  I thought he was being cute and coming back for more kisses, but when he opened his mouth, instead of kissing me he said, “I think I’ve been towed.”

oshHe was, in fact, towed.  So at 5:45 I was speeding down the highway trying to get him to work on time.  (He was a couple minutes late, but let’s face it, no one else is on time for work at 6 am anyway.)  Later that day I managed to get his car released free of charge, since the leasing office had written the incorrect date on the parking permit they gave me.  Now I double and triple check it every time.

To this day we still “joke” about how it was all a part of my evil plan to make sure that he called me back after being exposed to my snoring.  Maybe it was.  He’ll never know for sure.




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