Dating Nerdy

I guess I’ve had a theme going of late, and I’m just going to keep with it: Nerds.

Nerds might have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to the dating scene.  (“Bad,” as in they can’t.)  But if we’re being honest, a lot of people struggle with dating.  I definitely do.

Me with every guy I've ever liked.
Me with every guy I’ve ever liked.

But of all the guys I’ve dated (and I’m not saying I’ve dated them all), nerds are the best.  So here are some of the top reasons why I date nerdy:

1.  He’s smart

tumblr_lr0wayzmgn1qj74sxo10_250I’ve always had a soft spot for smart guys.  There’s just something attractive to me about a man who is mentally nimble.  Additionally, this intelligence usually appears in various aspects of his life.  He doesn’t just know a lot about one thing, but he is also aware of the importance of planning for the future (and that’s a plus for me!).  Additionally, he’s got a good job doing something other people haven’t got a clue how to do.  The Beau does something smart with computers and networks and secret-y things.  I consider it a good day when I can successfully use the ADD formula in excel.

2.  He’s respectful

843633Kissing a woman’s hand may have gone out of style when chivalry died, but no one told the nerds that chivalry is dead.  More than one nerd that I’ve dated has kissed my hand (regularly) in addition to holding the door open, pulling a chair out for me, and closing the car door for me.  Not to mention, he doesn’t push me to do things I’m not comfortable with (except for playing Magic.  Ugh).  But seriously, for me, this is a really important one.  Non-nerds that I’ve dated have repeatedly pushed for intimacy that I wasn’t ready for, but the nerds I’ve been with have valued and appreciated even the smallest moments of intimacy we’ve shared– from the briefest brush of fingertips to a passionate kiss.

3.  He’s endearing


Sometimes I don’t always understand what The Beau is saying to me, but I’m pretty sure it’s sweet and adorable and that in his mind it’s the equivalent of sweet nothings.  I love sweet nothings.  All women love sweet nothings.  So nerd-sweet-nothings don’t always make sense.  They’re still sweet.  I think.

4.  He’s cute

tumblr_lklezidDB11qav29fo1_r1_500Oh man!  Those glasses!  That floppy hair.  I’m a total sucker.  His style might not always be the most fashionable, but nerds are generally willing to let you dress them.  Luckily for them, nerdy-chic is in.  You can channel their inner fashion desires with your knowledge of pop fashion and come out with one good lookin’ fella.  The Beau doesn’t let me dress him (yet) but he’s already started buying clothes with my taste in mind, so that’s a plus.

5.  He’s Inspector Gadget

Inspector-Gadget-PhoneThe Beau doesn’t have a phone that comes out of his gloves, but if he could, he would.  He’s got about a million computers.  Okay, maybe only 8 once you’ve counted up the various net books and tablets.  I’ve got one laptop.  It’s 8 or 9 years old and still going strong.  That being said, when something goes wrong with any of my electronic devices, there’s not a darn thing I know to do about it.  Nerds, on the other hand, can have everything back up and running before I can successfully name all of the members of the Justice League.

6.  I can be me

“Bee yourself!”

Even though you should always, always be yourself in a relationship, sometimes it’s hard.  Luckily nerds have quirks.  I have quirks.  Most people have quirks.  But when I date a nerd I don’t have to worry about hiding those quirks.  When I’ve dated jocks, I hid the fact that sometimes I like to binge watch Netflix shows while stuffing my face full of Moosemunch.  When I’ve dated the sleek and sophisticated, I could never let them see that sometimes a messy bun and no makeup were good enough for me.  But nerds don’t really care.  The Beau lets me be me.  I mean, sometimes he thinks I’m a bit strange, but he knows that he’s also strange so it all balances out.  Our weirdness might not be for the same things or in the same areas, but that just means we have the opportunity to introduce our strange passions to another person.  That’s just one of the ways you grow in a relationship and as a person.

Date nerdy.  It just works.


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