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From the Mouths of Babes 2On Dating Geek Girls

Deviant has been asking me to write a guest blog post for a while now. Work has finally calmed down enough that I could say yes. See, guys, I’ve known Deviant for a long time. I have all the best stories (^_~). But sadly, I’m not here to share those. Deviant is always talking about how awesome it is to date a geek. So today I’m going to talk about where to find and identify Geek Girls, because like a mysterious unicorn, we’re kind of hard to find.

Image 1Now to start with, if you are basing your knowledge of Geek girls on what you have seen on TV, you will be led astray. Sadly, we are often portrayed in one of two ways:

Image 2
Crazy stalker types with no grip of reality


Image 3
Hot chicks with adorable quirks and klutziness

It’s more of a variety than a continuum. Do real life versions of these parodies exist? Probably, the laws of probability suggest it’s likely. Should you assume every Geek Girl is one or the other? Definitely not! We are as varied and diverse as our various fandoms and interests.

People ask, “Where can we find these elusive little unicorns? Why don’t they come to more parties and social events?” Some do, you may not even realize it. But for the most part, we wouldn’t be Geek girls if we did. Instead of trying to find Geek girls at crazy parties and bars, try libraries, bookstores, comic book shops, game stores, conventions, etc. And for the love of Whedon, if you do see a girl in one of these places, do not start ranting about “Fake Geek Girls.” That is a made up sexist thing that does not exist…Sorry, that’s a rant for another time. Moving on.

Now that we have an idea of the where, the question becomes how can you spot a Geek Girl out in the wild? That’s what I’m here to help with. First off every Geek Girl has something she’s passionate about; it’s kind of like a cardinal rule.

Image 4Geek Girls love their fandoms. This will be one of the key ways of spotting the unicorn (even if it’s not unicorns she’s into). So, be on the lookout for girls sporting their fandom gear. It could be anything: t-shirts, keychains, purses, tattoos, bumper stickers, pet names, ringtones, and cellphone cases. Now, like I mentioned previously, we’re not all the same. Some Geek Girls will be very subtle with it, while others are extremely overt. A great way to lure Geek Girls out is by mentioning a fandom. If you have something that you’re passionate about, then talk about it. You know how everyone acts like saying Voldemort’s name will make him appear? Well, if you mention a fandom, we will come.

I sense a disturbance the force. Someone mentioned The Avengers!
I sense a disturbance the force. Someone mentioned The Avengers!

You now have a beginners guide to Geek Girls. One last piece of advice before I bid you adieu: once you have found your elusive Geek Girl Unicorn, approach slowly kind of like you would with an actual unicorn or a bunny. However, if some significant time has passed and your Geek Girl has not picked up on your romantic intentions, you might have to spell it out for her. May the force be with you!

— Fabulous Fangirl v(^_^)v


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