Nerd Dating

I may have mentioned before that I’m not a nerd.  In fact, I’m waging an epic battle against The Beau to get him to understand that I’m not a nerd.  That I am, according to this Venn Diagram brought to you by Scott Lamb of BuzzFeed, at best a “dweeb.”

And that’s being generous and calling myself intelligent. Maybe I’m just socially inept.
The problem is that traditionally “nerdy” things have completely infiltrated pop culture.  Glasses.  The Big Bang Theory.  Star Wars.  Comic book superheroes.  From fashion to entertainment, “nerdy” is “in.”  Just by paying attention to pop culture, I’m inundated with information that could be deemed as “nerdy.”  Does it make me a nerd?  No.

And cute, too!
And cute, too!

It’s not that I have anything against being nerdy.  Believe me, I’m all for nerds.  Some of my best friends are nerds (you know who you are).  I was raised by a nerd (not you, Mom!)  I’m dating a nerd.  Nerds are awesome.  (Later I’ll write a post about why dating a nerd is great.)  It’s just that I’m not personally a nerdy girl.  I don’t want to claim to be and therefore insult women who actually care about these things and devote their free time to reading the comic books and watching the shows.  I just pair a superhero t-shirt (because I like the movies) with my chunky glasses (because I’m blind) and my converse (because I’ve been wearing them since I was 12).  I’ve never read a comic book in my life.

Nope.  I sure don't.
Nope. I sure don’t.

All that being said, there are times when I try to appeal to my boyfriend’s nerdy side.  For example, this past Monday.  It was May 4th.  So since I’m dating a nerd, I was well aware of the Star Wars reference.

may-the-fourth-4th-be-with-you-memes-gifs-star-wars-day-18Since I’ve seen the movies, I decided to nerd up and please The Beau.  He hasn’t said it straight out, but I’m sure he has nerd fantasies of the two of us.  And I’m not just talking about the Return-of-the-Jedi-gold-bikini fantasy that every guy from mid-twenties to mid-fifties seems to have.  I mean he probably has fantasies of us playing Magic together.  Or marathoning all the Lord of the Rings movies.  (Also a gold bikini fantasy, too.)

return-of-the-jediWhich I know because on Monday, I got clever and decided to send him some “spicy” text messages in the Star Wars theme.  May he never say I don’t try to take an interest in the things he likes…

I’ll have you speaking Shyriiwook in no time, baby. Nnnnnnnnngggggggggrrwhhhaargh!

Can I really claim that I’m not a nerd after this???  (I definitely had to google the language that Wookiees speak.)


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