From the Mouths of Babes- Triple C

From the Mouths of Babes 2Thanks to Deviant Dater for the opportunity to guest star on her blog. Now where shall I start on releasing all of her secrets to you guys…

Let’s think on that for a second and touch base on the online dating thing. For most people online dating may be looked at as an easy way to hookup (was that Deviant’s goal…hmmm). Nonetheless, I did some online dating of my own after Deviant started her adventure. Can’t say I was getting a meal paid for every other night like some people. But I managed to grab ice cream one night, and a glass of water another.

But then there was this guy that was intriguing, seemed normal, and I enjoyed talking to. But this is online dating so there is no one normal, right? He wanted to meet up, I was hesitant but agreed to (he had a pretty awesome dog I could play with if nothing else). I work non-stop so it’s difficult to find the time. Then he got sick; I got sick…and then it was Valentine’s Day. A weird day to hangout for a first date but hey it’s just another day really. And then it was whiteout conditions from a snowstorm that morning so it didn’t look like it would happen. Yet, he convinced me to drive in it, and 12 hours later we were still hanging out. (No worries, we didn’t sleep together like most would expect from an online dating site.)

Two weeks later I invited him to a work event, two months later it seems like we live together and I get some awesome meals. So I guess online dating doesn’t have to be looked on as an easy way to hookup but it could lead to something more. If nothing else it can lead to free food… right Deviant?

Next time Deviant wants me to guest star I’ll make sure to let you in on a big secret of hers…

– Triple C


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