Long time no text

So now that I’ve talked about how awkward it is to accidentally run into someone you went on a date with before (and then he just dropped off the face of the earth and didn’t even bother to say “Yeah, I had fun, but it’s not going to work out”), let’s talk about those guys who just won’t stop texting.  At all.  Even if I don’t respond.  I mean, there were a lot of guys like that before I started dating The Beau (remember this guy?), and I’m amazed to see that there are still guys like that even though The Beau and I have been dating for months.

giphyBefore The Beau and I were going out, the biggest offender was an older guy that I’ve written about before.  This guy was pretty icky ultimately.  He was completely obsessed with sex and wasn’t going to let it drop.  I mean, when he wasn’t talking about sex, he was really fascinating, but he honestly couldn’t go for 5 minutes without bringing it back up.  Eventually I just had to tell him it wasn’t going to happen and not to message me anymore.  BUT HE STILL KEPT IT UP.  If he wasn’t texting me, he was messaging me online.  It took a good month for him to leave me alone.  Although, he might have only left me alone because I blocked him…

the-office-i-just-want-it-to-stopOnce The Beau and I started dating, I told all of the men who I had been talking to that I had started seeing someone and it looked like it had potential. There was one fella who still continued to message me repeatedly.  We hadn’t ever met in person, but he was funny to talk to, in a ridiculous kind of way.  Even after I told him I started seeing someone, he said he would keep in touch, just in case “things didn’t work out.”  I guess it became apparent that things were going to work out, since I haven’t heard from him in a while.

pretty-little-liars-new-girl-cruel-intentions-shanghai-sexting-sext-sexpatinthecity-wechatThen, back in January, while The Beau and I were driving to the mall, I got a text from this guy.  The text read, “Hello Deviant, how are you?  Guess you are working.  I was wondering if you could talk on the phone for a moment.  The girl I’ve been dating for 2 months dumped me on NYE and I need someone to talk.  Hope is not a problem.”  First of all, we only went on two dates.  Second of all, one of those dates was the worst date I’ve ever been on.  So why on earth was he messaging me, when our last date had been over 2 months prior, to chat about another girl he’d been dating???  I never responded.  I hope he got the message.



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