Baby Time

This past weekend was not only Easter, but my mother’s birthday.  My sister and I decided to surprise our parents by traveling down to Smalltown, USA and showing up at their house at 1:00 am on Friday morning.  They had no idea we were coming, so it was a great surprise.

My sister has been in a very healthy relationship for the past two and a half years, so now that I am dating The Beau, my father is just over the moon.  Both of his daughters aren’t lesbians!  (Though, there was never any doubt about my sister…)

justhappyNaturally, my father is very curious about where our relationships are going, so on Friday morning we had a lovely family discussion about our relationships’ futures.  Said conversation ended with my father sitting on the couch doing a happy dance and chanting, “Baby time!  It’s baby time!”

Baaabaaaaaaaaaaay... Baby baby baby!
Baaabaaaaaaaaaaay… Baby baby baby!

Neither my sister nor I are pregnant, and neither of us really plan on becoming so any time soon.  I think my father is just a bit jealous of his brothers and sisters.  I have a couple cousins who are currently expecting (congrats to them!) but he’s going to have to be patient a bit longer.

Ummmm…. No.

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