Crazy Chasers

Crazy Chaser- n. A person emotionally or physically attracted to others who can be described as “crazy,” “psychotic,” “deranged,” or “off.”

If you find this attractive, you might be a crazy chaser.
If you find this attractive, you might be a crazy chaser.

The other day I was talking to a good friend of mine, we’ll call her Ms. Frizzle because she loves her teaching job.  We were discussing how crazy we both are when it comes to being in relationships.  Honestly, I’m not sure that it’s “crazy,” per se, but probably just normal behavior for a girl in relationship.  Okay, maybe normal behavior for an overly dramatic girl in a relationship.  But it’s not our fault!  Look at all the losers we dated before who hurt us!  We’re cultured to question everything as a defense mechanism.

originalI swear we aren’t really crazy.  Our brains work just fine.  We have completely logical thoughts, especially if you follow our logic.  We use the things we’ve learned from our friends, society, and media combined with our own experiences to evoke these emotions and statements that you deem as “crazy.”  Additionally, behavior and quirks that you might define as “crazy” are really just you being societal sheep and conforming to norms.  (If this sounds like a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge rationalization, I swear it isn’t.  It’s just how I think of myself.  I’m definitely not crazy; I’m unique.)

tumblr_m8jz80IO3b1qb9fucAnyway, Ms. Frizzle and I were discussing the fact that we’re thankful for those men out there who are Crazy Chasers, namely our boyfriends.  Not only do they put up with us, but they actually like being with us.  Regardless of our “craziness.”  It could be that they are in denial of the fact that they’re Crazy Chasers.  The Beau staunchly holds to the belief that “all women are crazy” and while I’m “not crazier than most,” I’m still “weird.”  (Hello, he plays Magic and wants a Pokemon tattoo, but I’m weird…)  But Mr. Frizzle is completely aware of the fact that he’s a Crazy Chaser and is quite content to be one.  (I’m not sure what that says about Ms. Frizzle, but all teachers need a little eccentricity, right?)

Let’s be honest, the “crazy” keeps the relationship exciting.  I don’t want things to be predictable.  I’m trying to keep The Beau on his toes.  And the things Ms. Frizzle says make her “crazy,” are the kind of things that make her interesting and are what keep Mr. Frizzle around.

I guess if you follow The Beau’s logic then anyone attracted to a woman is a Crazy Chaser, some just more so than others.  But maybe instead of saying women are “crazy,” we can start saying women are “unique constellations of attributes lighting up the dark night sky.”

And I don’t have to.

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