The Beau and I are equally blessed to have lots of wonderful, amazing, fantastic people in our lives who like us.  It might sound a bit conceited, but basically it’s true.  Sometimes I’m just amazed at the amount of love in my life.  Family, friends, The Beau, and now his family and friends, too. breakfast-club-claire-so-popular-everybody-loves-meI never thought I’d see the day when I wouldn’t love having so many people in my life.  Don’t get me wrong; I love everyone.  I love spending time with everyone.  But I had a full schedule before I doubled my social circle.  How do I find the time to see all these people I want to see while still having time for myself?  And time for The Beau?

Today my boss asked me how things were going with The Beau.  I told her it would be easier if his friends weren’t so awesome so we could just hang out with my friends.  She nodded wisely and said, “Well, you could always just start to freeze out his friends.  That’s what my daughter is trying to do to her boyfriend’s friends.”

This might not be what she had in mind….
“Don’t worry, honey, we can unfreeze them later and hang out when we have a free weekend… like sometime in August… of 2018”

But really, the problem is that I like spending time with his friends and family.  And I really, really hope that he likes spending time with mine, too.  (If not, that’s too bad.)  I know that in time we’ll figure out how to balance both of our social circles without having to freeze anyone in carbonite (his friends or my friends), but in the meantime, it’s starting to seem like the best option… for everyone…  Except, if I froze out his friends, then who would he play Magic with????


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