Today, The Beau and I are going to meet my parents. For the first time. Oh boy. I’ve already met The Beau’s parents, but they live much closer to Big City, USA than my parents do.  And let me tell you, meeting his parents had me totally buggin.

From trying to figure out what to wear:


To hyperventilating on the car ride over:


To sitting in their house trying desperately to be cool:

1wv2vM6[1]Ultimately, I think it went well.  They seemed to like me and I was satisfied with my outfit.  It didn’t really seem like it was a very big deal that he was bringing a girl home.

For me, on the other hand, it’s a HUGE deal.  I’ve only ever introduced my parents to two guys before.  Ever.  And I’m almost 30.  (Well, in a few years, anyway.)  So the fact that I’m bringing a guy to meet them has my parents all:

Yes!  She's straight!  Grandbabiiiiieeeeeeeeees!
Yes! Grandbabiiiiieeeeeeeeees!

We’re driving to meet them halfway between Small Town and Big City.  And we’re getting hotel rooms, so it’s an overnight kind of thing.  In fact, when my parents were picking out a hotel they’d like to stay in my father and I had a conversation that went like this:

“So, we’ll get two rooms.  What do you say, you and your mother in one room, and then The Beau and I in another.”

“Um, no, Dad.”

“Okay, so then The Beau is going to be getting his own accommodations?”

“No, Dad.”

“Okay, then should we get you a room with two double beds in it?”

“Sigh… sure, Dad.  That’s great.”

Clearly my father forgot that my bed is a double bed, and while it might be difficult to fit two fat people into one double bed, it is doable.  Mom texted me later to let me know that she booked us a room with a king size bed.  Thanks, Mom!

I woke up today an hour before my alarm went off.  The Beau thinks that it’s because I’m nervous my parents won’t like him.  That’s not the case.  I’m pretty sure they’ll like him a lot.  It’s more that sometimes when people meet my family, this is how they appear to outsiders:


I’m sure today won’t be like that, though.  I hope……..


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