Get pinned (Idiom): (of a young woman) to receive a male student’s fraternity pin as a symbol of his affection and fidelity, usually symbolizing that the couple is going steady or plans to become engaged.

giphyBefore The Beau and I first made our relationship official, he asked me to “go steady” with him.  My initial response was, “What, are you gonna pin me?  Is this 1958?”  Ultimately, I turned him down at the time because I felt like we both needed to be “vetted.”  (You know, meet each other’s friends and make sure that we were both relatively normal people.  Plus it was only our third date!)

In punishment, he made me wait 3 more weeks in agony, assuming I’d totally blown it.  We were doomed to just date casually and never be in a committed relationship.  So, to encourage him to ask me again, I pinned him first using one of my earrings.  (Mostly I just wanted him to have a sparkly stud in his empty piercing, it had nothing to do with me marking my territory or anything…)  Four months later and he’s still wearing it.  I think it’s a good sign.  (Either that or he’s too lazy to change his earring…)

Pinned ya!

Well, three weeks went by, and then I had to go out of town for a week for work.  When I got back on Sunday evening, he was ready and waiting for me.  He pulled out a blue ring pop (my favorite!) and a Superman pin (because he’s obsessed), and this time when he asked me to go steady, I didn’t hesitate with my answer at all.


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