Foot Poppin Good

What better way to kill those Monday blues than with a cutesy beginning of a love story? I’ve been promising writing up the beginning of our relationship, and now I’m going to finally get around to it.

It all begins with The Beau being terrified of women.


Yep. Terrified. It’s okay, though. In fact, it’s kind of cute. But it meant that he and I emailed, texted, and talked for almost three weeks before we met in person. I guess you could say I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into. I just needed to be sure I found him physically attractive. Then when we first met, he totally bewitched me with his stunning eyes that look like stormy summer skies streaked with lightning, and I knew I was a goner.


Anyway, our first date was practically perfect in every way. It wasn’t a big to-do or anything, but it was pretty awesome. It was a Friday evening in October. After work, he came and collected me from my apartment. It ended up being later than he anticipated, thanks to traffic, so instead of whisking me off to a pumpkin patch, we hit up the local grocery store, bought two pretty awesome pumpkins, and then headed back to my place.

We spent the evening in, ordered Chinese food, and just talked while carving pumpkins. It was the first time he’d carved pumpkins in years. (It was the first time I had in a week….) It was totally relaxed, no pressure at all. Maybe because we’d already spent so much time talking that we just felt comfortable with each other. Maybe for other unknown reasons. But whatever the case, it was the most comfortable first date I’d been on. And then when he kissed me goodnight, he tasted like peppermint and made my foot pop.

And he’s been stuck with me ever since.

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