First time in four years

I’ve recently realized there is pressure placed on both women AND men to be in a relationship.  I don’t mean from society or your friends, I’m talking about pressure from family.  Maybe they don’t do it on purpose, but it’s there nonetheless.

Thankfully, my family has basically stopped asking me if I’m ever going to bring a man home. That might be because I started rolling my eyes, changing the subject, or telling them I’m contemplating my sexuality every time someone asked. At one point, after about 8 people questioned when I was going to bring home a nice boy like my younger sister has, I became overly mellow dramatic, started talking about knitting patterns for sweaters for my hairless cats, declared that I would be alone forever and would everyone just STOP asking me about it and leave me alone to die!


Well, as you can imagine, that didn’t go over too well.  But hey, at least people have stopped asking me in fear that I’ll go psycho on them again.  They also tend to give me a wide berth at family gatherings now, as well.  Whoops.

I wrote about some of my family and friends’ reactions when I told them I was dating someone here.  I thought that it was just my family, but as I’m meeting The Beau’s family and friends, I’m starting to see similar reactions.  (Not that his family is crazy like my family is!)  When I met his brother and sister-in-law and their family, everyone hugged me.  When I met his friends, they hugged me.  It just seemed that everyone was overly excited and overly huggy. (Though no complaints.  Honest!)


One of his friends walked up to me before we’d been introduced while I was returning from the ladies room, said, “There she is!  I know you’re The Beau’s girl because I’ve seen all your pictures on Facebook!” and threw her arms around me.  I felt like a celebrity, and not just because The Beau is a total cutie and everyone wants to date him (yes, he reads my blog…)

But wait, there’s more!  At his company Christmas party, one of his coworkers actually congratulated him on bringing a date for the first time in four years.  While The Beau blushed adorably, I confided to the table that I was just there for the food.  😉

OMG yuuuuuuuuum!
All you can eat meat? OMG yuuuuuuuuum!

At least I can rest assured that when I finally do introduce him to my family, he’ll have some kind of idea what to expect and how to handle the “We thought it would never happen for you!” comments that I’m sure are bound to happen, since he’s dealing with similar things himself.

I guess I probably shouldn’t tell him that one of my best friends is already planning our future children’s wedding………


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