Just give it up, dude!

The other day, this guy sent me a somewhat nice message. Emphasis on the somewhat. He and I had a 97% match. That’s ridiculously high in my opinion, so I traveled to his profile to check him out. I’m sad to say that he really didn’t look that cute and he seemed kind of boring (oh my gosh!!! If someone who is a 97% match to me is boring, that means that I must be boring!!!) So needless to say, I didn’t respond to his message.

The following day, he messaged me AGAIN. I guess that’s what I get for leaving my trail across his profile. Again I didn’t answer his message.

Three days later, he messaged me once again, saying, “So you don’t find me attractive???” Well really I just found him obnoxious. Obviously I didn’t find him attractive. Why bring it up?

Later, while flipping through some old messages, I skimmed a message from a user who had deactivated their profile. It was the same message WORD FOR WORD from the first message the other day. I don’t know what this kid is playing at, but seriously, he just needs to give it up already.


One thought on “Just give it up, dude!

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