Strange recurrences

I’ve been on vacation this week, which is why I haven’t been updating somewhat regularly. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve been on vacation from my men! They’re so needy, they must have constant attention.

Oddly yesterday while I was checking my profile, after two plus months of silence, I received a response to a message from THE GUY WITH THE HAIRLESS CAT! Yep, that’s right, Vladimir Putin messaged me again.

I realize that by now you all think I have a thing about hairless cats (maybe I do), but can you really blame me? Also, I never knew there were so many hairless cats out there. And why do soooo many men own them?  Alright, it hasn’t really been “soooo many,” just two, but that’s still a lot!  I’ve never even seen a hairless cat in real life.  For all I know they are mythical creatures.  But now there have been TWO men who have messaged me who not only OWN hairless cats, but take pictures with them PERCHED on their shoulders. Enough with the hairless cats!!

Oh, in case you’re wondering, I responded to the guy’s message…. Just to be nice. Also because he has these massive mutton chops (like bigger than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine) so I figure if the cat gets cold, he could just share body hair with it.



One thought on “Strange recurrences

  1. Katie

    I cannot even describe how appropriate that is for you. Hairless cats won’t cause your allergies to go insane. I think maybe men just somehow know that. 😛


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