I’m sure you’re probably wondering what “3P” means. It’s actually just a silly way in which I refer to the Perfect Profile Picture in my mind… and now to the internet at large.  But let’s be honest, the perfect profile picture is very important.  It’s the first thing people see when they look at your profile, and contrary to the rumor that “first impressions aren’t everything,” when it comes to online dating, they really are.

Finding a 3P is much more important for women than it is for men.  Believe me; I’ve noticed.  Men generally post 4 types of pictures:

  1. A headless shot of their chiseled manly physique
  2. An outdoorsy picture hiking/sporting/or with a puppy
    I’m only dating you for that cute puppy… I hope you’re the one who owns it and it doesn’t belong to your friend….
  3. A “drinks all around” picture at a party/bar/wherever with a drink (or two) in their hand(s)
    I’m looking for a stable relationship… not an AA meeting.
  4. The WORST possible picture of themselves
    I guess if I start with low expectations, then we can only go up from there, right?


I take great care in choosing my 3P (post on this matter to come later), as do most women.  You’re never going to see a woman’s profile sporting a picture that didn’t require 20 minutes of debate about how to take the photo, editing the photo, whether to use this particular photo or not, and what message this photo will send.  But with men, some of these pictures are like “Duuuuude… let me sit at my computer in the dark, angle the camera so it sees all 20 of my chins and the shine on my bald head, and post this picture to an online dating site.”  I don’t even know how you can get 20 chins AND bald-shine into one picture!

So men, a word to the wise, if you don’t have a true 3P, chances are you’re missing out on a lot of dates with awesome women like me!  Stay tuned to learn exactly HOW to take and post the Perfect Profile Picture.


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