Cut vs. Uncut

I don’t know what it is about me, but I tend to attract foreigners online. Maybe it’s because I’m open-minded. Maybe it’s because I’m well-traveled. Maybe it’s because I find foreign men attractive. Whatever the reason, a lot of the men I’ve gone out with aren’t originally from the US.

Recently I had a conversation with a foreign man on the virtues of being “cut vs. uncut.” He was telling me that being cut is most common in the US, but there’s been a movement away from it recently.

I was nodding right along, listening intently. He wasn’t really asking for feedback, so I didn’t have to say anything. He told me about how not cutting it made more work to keep things clean, but that he really liked the way things looked uncut better than cut.

Nodding along and agreeing, I thought he was talking about HAIRcuts. Yeah….. he was talking about circumcision.  Classic misunderstanding in my life, but who really talks about circumcision in pleasant conversation anyway?


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