Was your daddy a baker?

Cause those are some good lookin’ buns!


Today a 40 year-old-man sent me a butt picture.  There were a lot of things wrong with this.  First of all, he’s 40.  On his profile he said he was 37, which is still out of my age range.  Second of all, it was a picture of his butt.  Honestly, I would feel kind of grossed out about it, but he’s pretty fit, especially for an “old” guy.  I mean, it was a pretty nice butt.

I told my friends about it, and here are some of their reactions:

  • My best friend who might possibly worry about my mental health since I date all these men I meet online: Lol
  • My best friend who lives vicariously through my online dating escapades: Butt pics??  I don’t know if that’s better or worse than dick pics!  Have you seen his face?  40 seems a little old.
  • My best friend who encourages me to date MORE men: Random unsolicited butts are never okay, but there’s nothing wrong with an older guy.
  • My best friend who met her soulmate online: Oh Lord…  Was it photoshopped?
  • My roommate: lolz aint nothin wrong with that.
  • My sister: Bahahaha that’s gross and hilarious!
  • My father: I think he is an ass.

5 thoughts on “Was your daddy a baker?

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