I don’t usually find it acceptable to check your phone when you’re on a date with someone. If a guy I’m out with pulls out his phone to check it, that’s a giant red flag. Am I not interesting enough to hold your attention?? Am I not cute enough for you to stare longingly into my beautiful eyes imagining our future together?? I don’t care if it’s work, your mother, or some other girl you’re dating, just don’t do it.

That being said, if I run to the bathroom, I find it okay for you to entertain yourself with your phone. When you go to the bathroom, that’s what I do. I feel awkward sitting at a table by myself. And I don’t want to gobble down my food and have none left by the time you get back, so I pull out my phone and see what people say.

The other night I was out with a guy. He’s sweet as honey, but I’m not sure it will work out in the long run. Anyway, either I make him nervous or he has a bladder problem because every time we go out (this was our third date) he has to use the bathroom. You would think he’d learn to go BEFORE the date, but for all I know, he does.

Which means that I am left at the table while he runs to the little boys’ room. As I said, I’m awkward, so I pull out my phone. On this particular date, I wish I hadn’t. I’d previously been texting this guy who was very nice and considerate. Understanding about my being too busy/tired/stressed to meet up with him. Well lo and behold, he has sent me a text 2 minutes earlier that reads, “let’s fuck.”

What are you supposed to do when you’re on a date with one man and another is sending you texts like this? First of all, it’s rude. Second of all, no thank you. I simply closed my phone and sat in awkwardness staring at my food until he came back.

I guess I learned my lesson. I won’t be checking my phone while on a date ever again (even if he is in the bathroom). But on the plus side, at least I’m still in high demand. 😉


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