I have to admit something.  I’ve basically filled my week with dates.  Out of 8 days, I’ve had dates on 5 of them.  And with some of these guys, it’s not really even because I’m interested in them.  Honestly, some of them are boring, personality-less, and not at all attractive.  One of the dates I had was an incredibly awkward guy ten years older than me (no wonder you’re single, dude…. you couldn’t even look at me!)

My roommate keeps teasing me about never being home because I have so many “beaus.”  When she asked me why I keep going out with guys who aren’t attractive to me, I thought about giving her a deep and meaningful answer like, “Well, you can’t really know someone from chatting online so I thought I’d give him a chance anyway.  It’s what I’d want someone to do for me.  He seems funny enough even if he isn’t cute.”

But I had to tell her the simple truth of the matter. It’s cheaper than buying groceries myself.  😉


One thought on “Confession

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