So what is a sexual deviant?

So what is a sexual deviant?  Simple.  Someone who departs from society’s accepted sexual norms.  In most cultures, sexual norms include certain sex acts between people of specific ages, ethnicities, socio-economic status, and consanguinity.  Pretty much what you expected.  What you probably didn’t expect was for me to admit that I am a sexual deviant.

That’s right.  Me.  A sexual deviant.

When people find out, they tell me I’m weird.  I’ve had men tell me I’m a freak.  I’ve scraped countless jaws off the floor in response to the truth about me.  Some of my closest friends are in awe of me one minute, and begging me to change the next.


Before you start to think that I’m into little kids or goats or my cousin or puppet porn (whatever you do, don’t google it!) let me just say it’s not like that.  And no, it’s nothing like 50 Shades of Grey either.

No, I fall into a small category that makes up approximately 3% of the US population; that’s about 10,000,000 people.  To put that into perspective, 4% of the population identifies as gay.  Of the 10,000,000 Americans in this group, there’s a 2:3 ratio of men to women.  So it’s a bit more popular among us ladies, but the gentlemen are still pretty active in our community.

I know that you’re dying to know what kind of sick fetish I have.  Running through your mental list trying to guess what it is that really drives me over the edge.  Feet?  Furries?  Expansionism?  Or maybe expanding furry’s feet?  What could it be???


Well, it’s nothing like that.  Expanding furry feet?  Ew.  Probably you shouldn’t google that, either (I just did to see if it’s a real thing.  It is.)  No, my sexual deviancy is much simpler than that.

I’m saving myself until marriage.

Yep.  That’s it.  Now before you go whining, “But that’s not a sexual deviancy!  That’s not dirty at all!” let me point out that a deviant act doesn’t have to be “bad,” it just has to be “unusual.”  And in our intensely sexual culture, abstinence is unusual.

My virginity has been an issue in “real life” dating, and I’m imagining it’s going to be even more of an issue in “virtual” dating.  The internet gives people a sense of anonymity and there is a certain boldness that anonymity brings.  I mean, I just publicly announced to the world online that I’m a virgin– point made.

I’ve chosen to make my preferences public on the dating website, so we will find out how the “virtual” world accepts my life decisions.

So begin the shenanigans.


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