How it all started..

What is it that drives people to online dating?  Well for me it came in many forms:

  • My utter and complete inability to be normal around men
    • I once asked a man his favorite color as pillow talk and when he answered, I responded with “Oh really?!?!?!  My car is green!!!”  You could hear all those punctuation marks in my voice.


  • I’m single
    • It gets tiring being the 3rd, 5th, or 11th wheel


  • My father
    • Dad has gone so far as to create a fictitious relationship between myself and a friend who is 7 years younger than me– he can’t even drink! Dad managed to convince half my hometown (and my grandmother) to believe it was real.


  • My friends worrying about my future as a crazy cat woman
    • I’m actually allergic to cats, but since I just taught myself how to crochet, I can get hairless cats and crochet them all sweaters.


  • But the real kicker came in the mail the other day and was addressed to “Ms. Deviant Dater and Guest.”
    • “and Guest”?!?!?!

Now hold up there!  I have 7 weeks before I have to RSVP….

Challenge accepted.



One thought on “How it all started..

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